alpha2 soon to come

It's always amazing how easily one can be destracted from learning...
Despite having an exam next tuesday I've spent most of this day on fixing bugs and tweaking things for -alpha2. Sput's already fixed one of the major bugs: the client crash during first run network setup. So what to expect from -alpha2? Actually not much more than from -alpha1. :) Find a list of the fixes and features after the jump.

- fixed a bug where the client crashes during first run network setup
- fixed a bug where the encoding was not correctly applied to /me-style messages
- fixed "ghost" buffers showing up in the "All Network" view.
- Notices and Messages like "no such nick or channel" can now be displayed in the status buffer, the current buffer or still the original target buffer (have a look at the general settings of your client)
- some cosmetic improvements (uncluttered the default client layout a bit and fixed widths of the Nicklist and Buffer Views)
- one can now switch buffers with the mousewheel while hovering over a bufferview (thanks to Ian "eean" Monroe for the patch)

We've added some more infos to the FAQ-Section, like some of the cool undocumented features of quassel, that came to our mind.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel invited to join #quassel or on Freenode.