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Mac OS X nightlys back on track

After all the hazzle that came with the switch from svn to git and qmake to cmake, I'm glad to tell you, that the nightly builds for Mac OS X are available again. Currently there are only Mac OS X nightlys for 0.2 but that is about to change soonish. Get them as usual at

alpha2 soon to come

It's always amazing how easily one can be destracted from learning...
Despite having an exam next tuesday I've spent most of this day on fixing bugs and tweaking things for -alpha2. Sput's already fixed one of the major bugs: the client crash during first run network setup. So what to expect from -alpha2? Actually not much more than from -alpha1. :) Find a list of the fixes and features after the jump.

Universal Binary Build available now for Mac OS X

I just switched to universal binaries, so the Mac Client will be able to run on PPC Macs as well as on the new intel ones. Get it in the "Get Quassel!" section or right here.

Currently there is only the Client build. If you're interessted in precompiled Mac builds for the Quassel Core or the Monolithic Quassel, then please let me know.

My First Blog Post

This is not only my first post on Quassel IRC but my very first blog post at all.

I have to say that I'm pretty excited about what's happening in the last few weeks. The improvements on Quassel have been enormous. There've been already more than 50 commmits this month. Having just checked in Revision 353 and waiting for Sput's next big commit (which hopefully doesn't break anything - I'm always scared if someone says: dude I'm just reorganizing the multithreading in the core...), I'm having some leisure time, which I want to use tell you a bit about the current state of Quassel IRC.

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