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Static alpha3 core for Linux

Many people don't have Qt installed on their servers (even though the needed parts can be installed without X11), which makes using Quassel quite cumbersome. I have been looking into providing a static core (i.e. one that does not have external dependencies like Qt) for a while now, but on Linux, this is surprisingly hard. Anyway, on the download page you'll now find an experimental core to try out even on servers without Qt.

quassel-0.2.0-alpha3 has landed!

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of alpha3! This release contains many performance improvements, especially during core sync and backlog replay. Furthermore, buffer switches should now be much faster. Also, the sync-to-core process now is not only faster, but also much more reliable than in alpha2, where sometimes not all channels were synced.
As a bonus feature, you'll get an all new topic widget that displays mIRC-style formatting, and various other GUI tweaks.

Please note that we have broken both the client/core protocol and the database schema with this release. This means you cannot connect with an older client to an alpha3 core or vice versa. The database schema will be automatically upgraded once you run your shiny new core for the first time. Please note that after this upgrade, you will no longer be able to run a pre-alpha3 core with your database! As always, backups are recommended :)

So get it while it's hot! Updated distro packages and precompiled binaries will soon be available on the download page.

CeBIT Day One

Hi there,

blogging live from CeBIT, Hanover, Germant, Worls'd largest IT fair :) This time I am not promoting Quassel, but I am part of the Amarok Promo Team. Be sure to check out the bestest music player in the world! Still using Quassel though :) While part of the KDE and Amarok people here chose to find some restaurant and eat, sven423 and me decided to enjoy the free booth parties :) Since we have only a few more minutes until security kicks us out for good, just a few notes:

alpha2 has been released!

A few days later than planned, we have released quassel-0.2.0-alpha2! We used the extra days to iron out some annoying bugs, such as the crash on first run some users experienced, and made the sync-to-core process much faster.

More features include:

  • Sane first-run layout of dockwidgets
  • Various UI enhancements
  • Buffer switching via mousewheel (thanks Ian "eean" Monroe for the patch!)
  • Redirection of notices and server messages to the status buffer or the current buffer

Quassel IRC is released!

It is finally here - quassel-0.2.0-alpha1, Quassel's long-awaited first public release! This is still an alpha version, so it still has some quirks, and it still lacks some features that may or may not be important for you. That said, we (the devs) have been using it as our main client for weeks now, and we are fairly happy with it, so it can't hurt to give it a try!

Only this release sets your computer on fire, eats your dog and is probably highly addictive.

Quassel On The Road!

I’m going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers’ European Meeting

Yep, I'll be there, probably partying with the Gentoo or Amarok people. We also plan to finally release Quassel to the public on FOSDEM. So if you like to learn more about Quassel or even see it in action, FOSDEM is your chance :)

Preparing for the the Beer Event,
~ Sputnick

Home Stretch

Well, EgS speaking of 50 commits in January until the 17th. Turned out to be 125 commits until the end of the month, and another 55 commits in the eight days of February already... development speed is increasing, and we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel (and it's not a train coming at us). We are fighting some stability issues and we still need to fix a couple of things, but we are now very confident that we can release Quassel within the month!

Happy New Year - And Resolutions!

2007 has come and gone, and now it is 2008. Last year has seen a lot of improvements in and around Quassel IRC, and we are now very close to the first releaseable version. In fact, we, the developers and some early testers/helpers/fans are running Quassel Cores on our servers to stress-test (and of course enjoy) them! We now mainly lack some features in the GUI and some improvements in internal structures to be able to release Quassel to the public.
And this is my resolution for 2008: Get Quassel IRC out of the door ASAP, and then continue to make this the bestest IRC client ever!

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